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NVC Play to Evolve

Dev Onboard
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Game and Personal Coach AI trained in Cognitive Empathy

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This game and conversational ai is my way of contributing to more empathy in the world. You can play alone or with others. We play the physical card version of this at my "Practical Empathy Practice Group" every week.


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- Liberate your self expression

- Deepen connection and ability to connect

- Increase responsibility and power

- Transform anger into peace

- Level up your family's emotional intelligence

- Deepen all your relationships

- Increase your intuition

- Decrease susceptibility to manipulation

- Improve negotiation skills

- Heighten awareness of other perspectives

- Increase patience

- Shift into having a more positive outlook

- Improve workplace communication efficiency

- Increase effectiveness as a parent

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Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 2.0 or higher required

Information about NVC Play to Evolve P2E4.60

Package Name b4a.p2e
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Education & Languages
Language English
72 more
Author Scott Howard Swain
Downloads 30
Date Apr 12, 2024
Content Rating All ages
Advertisement Not specified
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